Views of Bogota

I love going on trips and actually having time to think. A busy schedule was thankfully interrupted with nine days in Bogotá, Colombia for the week of President’s Day! The city was absolutely incredible and I met up with some awesome friends, ate delicious fresh fruit, and generally wandered the city

I brought my watercolors & ink and (somehow) managed to get some art time in! I’m happy with the turnout – it was sort of photo-journalistic for me. Just painting whatever was nearby – fruits, those boxy buildings and sloping mountains…. I haven’t done a landscape in FOREVER but Bogotá sorta just inspired me.

Blue Sky, Santa Fe de Bogota

Have you ever gone on a trip and delved into your art practice  – photography, writing, etc? It’s interesting how a new environment can be so… refreshing.

Granadilla Fruits


About a.s.c

Palestinian-American Artist, urban planning & architecture student living and practicing in Washington, DC.
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6 Responses to Views of Bogota

  1. You are very talented – I love the avacado one…

  2. Jennifer Miesen says:

    These are fantastic. My favorite is the cityscape.

  3. manalikumar says:

    Absolutely love the landscapes!

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