Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher, Digital Illustration

Last night I was  playing around on Illustrator and did a portrait of “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher!  I guess I was thinking of her because of the new movie with Meryl Streep.  I seem to have an odd penchant for sketching conservative icons like this one I made last year of Reagan that I really have no affinity for.  Oh well! Thought I’d post it anyways.


About a.s.c

Palestinian-American Artist, urban planning & architecture student living and practicing in Washington, DC.
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4 Responses to Margaret Thatcher

  1. zainah says:

    I adore her expression! pomp meets sour candy, perhaps. I’ve been meaning to learn Illustrator…this confirms I pretty much will have to

  2. a.s.c says:

    Yeah… this is me experimenting/trying to teach myself. If you know Photoshop and Indesign its really not so bad…. Its fairly intuitive.

  3. anokarina says:

    Love the lips… her, not so much. (ha ha)

  4. joechamy says:

    Yeah that pretty well exemplifies Maggie and her sense of self aggrandisement

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