View from my sketchbook

Sorry all – its been quite a while since I’ve updated. I have excuses – no access to a digital camera is one. Another is I’m headed to Southeast Asia, India, Australia, and my parent’s home in Texas for the next four months. Preparing for the journey has definitely consumed (psychological and otherwise) my art time.

Anyways, I’ve done a few pieces which I’ll post in the next few weeks. I’ve also purchased a digital camera!

In the meantime enjoy the view from my sketchbook. A lot of these are copied from photographs – good practice or random people nearby. All are done in sepia ink on paper. Enjoy:

About a.s.c

Palestinian-American Artist, urban planning & architecture student living and practicing in Washington, DC.
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2 Responses to View from my sketchbook

  1. Elizabeth Barbee says:

    Adam!!! These are wonderful and I am telling everyone!

    P.S. I’m sitting across from this girl in a blue collared dress with the most beautifully awkward haircut. She is so pretty and I think you’d like to sketch her. What I mean is, I wish you were here. See you soon!

    • a.s.c says:

      Thanks! I’m usually too shy to sketch people in public but she sounds like someone I would at least attempt! Ha. See you soon when I head back to Texas!

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