Revisiting Shrine Project (2)

Hi all,

I finally snagged ahold of a camera. Here are some pictures of three previously constructed shrines.

The first was meant to evoke the idea of the “old world” roadside shrines. Its meant to be interactive where candles and flowers would slowly build upon it creating an ever-evolving piece. Christian symbolism – while present – is accentuated by the pagentry of ever changing candles, incense, and objects which alter and inform the piece:

Old World Shrine

Detail: Shrine

Detailed 2

The second was an experiment exploring the question… What are the “modern” roadside shrines of today? What spirituality is found within the life of a secularist?  In a sense, I explored the idea of music, film, and technology distilled through the vehicle of television and mp3 players are the modern version of hymns and candles. We connect to a sexualized spirituality through the heavy drum beat of hip hop or house music while watching stylized airbrushed unreal celebrities or models.

Shrine to Modernity

The third piece was simply a characture of a shrine. It neither explored old world spirituality nor its more modern incarnations. Instead I seeked to take from an object and form a shrine around it. The idea of the suit of clubs – also known as acorns or flowers… Appealed to me. The Queen held a sense a femine security: A woman enjoying the scent of a flower and living in a carefree palace.  Indeed… this shrine in a sense followed the ancient idea of shrines or churches or temples being palaces for the object it encased.

The Shrine of the Queen

Queen Shrine (2)


About a.s.c

Palestinian-American Artist, urban planning & architecture student living and practicing in Washington, DC.
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